Multidisciplinary Copywriter

I Am Passionate About Writing

I am a writer specialized in informative content relating to society, culture and technology. I am a devotee of contemporary literature, and generally in my writing I try to express as much as possible with as few words as possible.

I consider myself a multitasking writer. I have published Society texts in El País y National Geographic, as well as culture and technology articles in El Confidencial, JotDown, Melty and Terra Noticias. I have also worked as an instructional designer at Global Alumni: my role was to be in constant communication with US universities (Berkeley, Chicago & MIT) for the development of e-learning courses in marketing, SEO, machine learning and decentralized finance.


Reports & Interviews

I have published texts in El País, El Confidencial and, National Geographic, among many other media. I have worked in the Spanish delegation of the French company Melty and collaborated in the cultural website JotDown.

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Live Coverage


I started covering breaking news during my university internship at the Madrid newsroom of the now defunct Terra Noticias. I have also worked at the web desk of El País newspaper in its Madrid and Barcelona newsrooms. My last experience in this area was the coverage of the World Economic Forum in 2020. Live news coverage is very demanding: you need to be both accurate and fast in the written translation of the event taking place, always taking extreme care to respect objectivity and sticking only to the information available.

Web Content

Blogs & SEO

I make informational and e-commerce websites, both for myself and for clients. I take care of the design, architecture and search engine optimization. I have extensive knowledge when it comes to developing content that achieves the highest ranking in Google for each specific keyword.

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