Clean Design

I use proven quality web templates (Avada, Newspaper, ReHub…) so that the design of each page transmits freshness and a professional look, making a difference while using a design according to current standards.

Optimal Loading Speed

I try to reduce to a minimum the load of plugins, CSS and Javascript, and use lightweight themes so that the loading speed of the website is as low as possible, according to the standards of the speed testing website GTMetrix.

Mobile Responsiveness

It’s been several years since the status quo shifted: web traffic generated by phones and tablets is already higher than that coming from computers. All my websites are mobile friendly because, otherwise, you simply don’t exist.

I started designing websites as a hobby more than 20 years ago, back in the days of Dreamweaver and Yahoo Geocities. Eventually, I switched to Blogger, and nowadays I use Wordpress as my main CMS. Sometimes I develop the design and content of websites that I then sell to marketing agencies, or I build custom websites according to a specific client's request.


Despite the popularity of platforms such as Blogger or Wix, no other CMS offers as much customization freedom as Wordpress.


I offer advice when establishing categories, subcategories and titles. The distribution and presentation of the content of a website is as important as its design.

Page Builders

I'm an advanced user of Elementor Pro and WPBakery, which I use to give pages a unique and personalized design.


I also establish the search engine optimization strategy for the website, guiding the client on what content to write and how. More on this in the SEO section.

Some of my work: